Chicken biscuit waffle house

Chicken Biscuit Waffle House Calories & Price

Do you want to eat a meal from Waffle House but need clarification about selecting from an extensive menu? Chicken biscuit waffle house is perfect for your appetizer for only US$3.15. It contains 650 calories and is a delicious meal at a lower price.

You must customize it with eggs that add 90 calories to your meal. Make it more flavourous by adding a slice of America that will add 100 calories to the chicken biscuit waffle house. The most enjoyable addition of Springer Mountain Farms is grilled chicken breast, which will become the best bite of your day.

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Chicken biscuit waffle house Calories & Price: US$3.15/650 Calories

Chicken Biscuit Waffle House Calories & Price Available Options

Side Options

  • Side of Hashbrowns: Add $3.15

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Chicken Biscuit Waffle House Nutritional Breakdown

Nutritional AspectWeight% Daily Value (DV)
Serving Size1 Serving
Total Fat48 g62%
Saturated Fat22 g110%
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol225 mg75%
Sodium1470 mg64%
Total Carbohydrate35 mg13%
Dietary Fiber1 g4%
Sugars2 g
Protein19 g

Calorie Burn Time Estimates

You ate chicken biscuit waffle house and may be wondering how long it will take to burn the 650 Calories. Burning time includes many factors, such as weight, age, gender, and fitness level. It will take approximately 60 Minutes with light exercise like brisk walking, jogging, etc.

  • Brisk walking: 60 minutes
  • Jogging: 45 minutes
  • Biking: 45 minutes
  • Swimming: 50 minutes
  • Dancing: 50 minutes
  • Strength training: 60 minutes

Calorie Percentage Breakdown of the Chicken Biscuit Waffle House

  • Carbohydrate: (21%)
  • Fat: (67%)
  • Protein: (12%)

Health and Safety Information

Public Health Notice

You can customize eggs and steak to suit your health and body requirements. If you like to consume raw eggs or meat, you should know that it can lead to foodborne illness. Try to avoid eating raw food and prefer a full-cooked meal.

Allergens Alert

Many people are allergic to eggs, meat, etc. Try to know your body and avoid contact with eggs, soy, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and sesame. Read the complete details about your order, including nutritional information, and then order according to your needs.


The chicken biscuit waffle house consists of boneless chicken breast, hand-breaded biscuits cooked with 100% peanut oil, and freshly baked chicken biscuits. It contains 460 calories and 23g of fat.

Chicken biscuits include grilled chicken or one Jimmy Dean® sausage patty, one egg, and one slice of melted American cheese. They will be served on grilled biscuits.

The price is US$3.15.

Chicken biscuit waffle house has 650 Calories per serving.

You can add a side of hashbrowns that cost an additional US$3.15.


Chicken biscuit waffle house is a most flavourous and affordable meal at just US$3.15. It will provide a delectable breakfast or lunch with 650 calories. It is rich in fats and sodium content, so I prefer to read the complete details and order according to your body’s requirements.

If you are allergic to some ingredients, you can replace them with other sides. Remember that eating raw food is not suitable for your health. Eat full-cooked food to protect yourself from allergic or infectious diseases.

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